5 ways to know if your job is THE ONE (Valentine’s special)

Valentine’s Day is not only a time to reflect on your relationship, but also a time to think about whether your job fills you with the hope, anticipation and excitement that you expect it to.

Just like with your love life, sometimes a job that you once thought was perfect, becomes less appealing, less rewarding and sometimes downright boring.

Here’s five (tongue in cheek) ways to tell you’re in the right job.

You have an awesome sounding job title 

Digital Ninja. Chief Inspiration Officer. Sandwich Artist. If you’ve got an awesome sounding job title, you probably shouldn’t leave your current job.

Just imagine the horror of having to go back to being called a simple Digital Marketer, Chief Operations Officer or a Sandwich Maker. It would be like taking a giant step back in your career as you are forced to update your LinkedIn job title to something ordinary.

You don’t hate Monday or live for Friday 

If you hate Sunday nights with your entire heart, it’s probably a sign you’re in the wrong job. Always living for Friday and spending the weekend dreading Monday will, ultimately, make you miserable.

You spend a significant proportion of your life at work, so doing something you enjoy is vital to your mental wellbeing. You need to be sure you’re not wishing the week away and counting down the hours until you can leave. Instead, find a job where the day flies by because you genuinely love what you do.

You get to eat lots of cake 

The best thing about working in an office environment is being able to eat lots of cake when it’s someone’s birthday. Receiving that oh, so delightful “there’s cake in the kitchen” email can make the day seem much more bearable.

Working with people who understand the importance of celebrating their birthday by buying you cake is ideal. Let’s face it, when you reach that afternoon slump, you need a sugar hit to keep you going.

Your body temperature matches those you share a working space with 

Are you a hot person or a cold person? Do you find yourself constantly cranking up the air con or are you the type who spends the day clutching a boiling hot cuppa, wrapped in millions of layers?

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with people whose body temperature doesn’t align with yours. You’ll spend the whole day groaning and moaning about being too hot/ cold and becoming more and more miserable as a result. You’ve found THE ONE if you currently work with people who have a similar body temperature as you.

You have a work BFF 

Having a reliable work BFF is crucial to job related happiness. You’ll never be the last to know the office gossip as you’ll always have someone who will go straight to you with any news, even if it’s just Sue getting her hand stuck in the printer.

You’ll also always have someone to back your brilliant ideas and, more importantly, cover for you if you’ve done something wrong. A work BFF is hard to find so count yourself lucky if you’ve got one.

In all seriousness, you deserve a job you love. If you don’t think you’ve found THE ONE then why not take a look through our current job vacancies and see if there’s something to get your heart racing this Valentine’s Day. Or give the friendly team at Ambitions a call on 614841 to see if we can play cupid between you and your dream role.