Ambitions Recruitment Unique Selling Points

Ambitions Recruitment “Unique Selling Points”

With so many Agencies on the Island now, it’s difficult to know which one is the best for you. Sure, we are all in the same industry working to the same concept, but what separates us out from the others?  We guess you’re always being asked for your “Unique Selling Points” so we decided to give you what we believe are ours.

Our Consultants are predominantly Sharon & Leanne. They have worked side by side since March 2008 – 12 years!! (wow, has it really been that long)?? You want to be able to trust the people working for you; to get to know them, rely on them to represent you in the best possible light.  How best to ensure you’re entering into a trusting working relationship than choosing a team that have worked so closely, for so long that even regular Clients & Candidates now become excited when they have been able to tell them apart on the telephone!

They’re not 9-5 people – they can often be found lurking in the realms of the office and their emails hours before and after “regular type Recruitment Consultants” are sound sleeping in their beds.

They have raised 8 children between them!! We feel that’s “nuff said” on that one

They communicate; not just with you, or the client – they communicate with each other! You may well have a 1-1 Registration meeting, but you will be receiving 2-1 on service.

If they can’t help you, they will help you find the person that can! Yes, they turn up to work every day to make a living, but they are always conscious they are dealing with genuine lives of genuine people. They will never stand in the way of your next opportunity.

They WILL bring out the best in you. If you’re getting the interviews, but not the job.  They will help you identify the areas that need strengthening.  All too often, the cause is self-confidence; spend 20 minutes with our consultants prior to an interview and we can almost guarantee you’ll be a success!

They genuinely care about everyone that walks through the door of Ambitions! They really do!!  No one is treated as a figure, goal or target – everyone is seen as the human being they are and dealt with in the same way.  Their belief in people and refusal to give up, has given them many a success story over the years, please don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the lovely reviews on Social Media

If you’re looking for work, pop along to our offices at 26 Finch Road, Douglas, give us a call on 614841 or email your CV to