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8 ways to ease back into work after maternity leave

After a maternity leave filled with coffee dates, baby gym, nursery rhymes and talking about poop, the world of work can feel like another dimension. For most women, returning to work will be a mixture of excitement and apprehension – which is totally normal! You’ll miss your little sidekick, but also probably looking forward to […]

The rulebook for job interviews and dating

In the Ambitions office, we see ourselves as not too dissimilar to cupid. Okay, so we might not walk around naked shooting heart-shaped arrows at people but we do help clients find their perfect match when it comes to their career. We’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘rules’ of attending a job interview and […]

Feeling fed up? Blame it on Blue Monday!

January can feel like the longest month of the year. The anti-climax after Christmas and New Year can make it difficult to feel positive and stay motivated. Most of us have already given up on our resolutions and it still seems a long way til pay day.   In fact, January can feel like one […]

The most important New Year’s resolution you should make

It’s January. We’re all on a diet after stuffing our faces to the max over Christmas. We’ve made multiple New Year’s resolutions and have to keep reminding ourselves to refuse the office cakes, go for a run (maybe tomorrow, eh?) and, let’s be honest, most of us are filled with regret after writing a long, […]

12 career boosting tips for the 12 days of Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that. It’s also a great time to really evaluate your career.  December can be a period of downtime so why not use the 12 Days of Christmas for an annual check-in, to reflect on what you’ve done over the past year and work out where you want […]

5 ways to support young people into work

When 16-22 year olds are transitioning between education and employment, it can be a confusing and worrying time for them. They may already be feeling vulnerable and uncertain when it comes to taking the initial step onto the corporate ladder so will naturally look to older, more experienced people for guidance – such as parents, […]

Is your interview technique scaring away potential employers?

With Halloween (or Hop-tu-Naa if you’re a true Manxie) right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about scary life experiences that we’ve overcome. The vote in the Ambitions office was unanimous – the scariest thing we all have to go through is a job interview. Job interviews can turn even the most confident of us […]