Feeling fed up? Blame it on Blue Monday!

January can feel like the longest month of the year. The anti-climax after Christmas and New Year can make it difficult to feel positive and stay motivated. Most of us have already given up on our resolutions and it still seems a long way til pay day.


In fact, January can feel like one really long Monday. Did you know there’s a particular Monday in the month that’s regarded as the worst. Monday. Ever?


That’s right, ‘Blue Monday’ was coined in 2005 when Sky Travel claimed to have calculated ‘the most depressing day of the year’. Their calculation takes into account the miserable weather, being in debt after Christmas and low motivation levels, among other things.


Although there isn’t really any valid proof that Blue Monday is real – let’s face it, it was cooked up by a PR team hoping to sell more holidays – BUT due to that empty bank account, expanded waistline and gloomy weather, January can be a struggle.


So if you’re feeling rubbish today, blame it on it being the third Monday in January.

How to combat the rubbishy feels


Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to make January a little bit brighter. Or at least help us survive the month.


Let’s tackle the main three issues.


  1. The weather


We seem to be having a fairly mild winter with the mornings are gradually getting brighter. It could be worse! Although you probably don’t want to be spending long periods outside when it’s particularly cold and miserable, try to see the positives. This is your hibernation time. You can be totally unsociable and spend every evening curled up in front of the tv without an ounce of guilt! And without the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out).


Or if you do feel like being sociable, January is the perfect month to plan home based activities. You could invite friends over for a good old fashioned board game or take it in turns to cook for each other as if you were on Come Dine with Me. All while staying warm and cosy. Bliss.


  1. The waistline


You may be resembling a Christmas pud but there is no reason why you can’t lose a few inches from your waistline. Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet will help you to shed the Christmas weight.


Luckily we live on an Island where there’s a variety of ways to stay active. You could try your hand at kayaking, hot yoga or set yourself a challenge by signing up for the Parish Walk. As exercise releases endorphins, it’s great for your mental health as well as your waistline.



  1. The debt


As far as sorting out that empty bank account or scary credit card statement, maybe a new job is the answer?


If you’re tired of waiting for that promised promotion and for them to see your value, then it’s time to find a better place to work. A new role could be a brand new challenge, with better progression opportunities and better pay, making it easier to loosen the purse strings a little.


We may not be able to help you with your waistline, but we can certainly help with your career prospects. Take a look at our list of job vacancies or give the friendly team at Ambitions a call on 614841