Insider tips: how to get a recruitment agency to put you forward for the job

Candidate 1: “I seen that job ur advertising. Can u put me forward for it?”


Candidate 2: “Wot is the pay for that bookkeeping job?”


Candidate 3: “Hey, can you pls giv more info on that role you got advertised? Ta”


Candidate 4: “Good afternoon,

I’m interested in the bookkeeper vacancy you have advertised on Facebook. Please can you provide further details?

Many thanks.”


Above is a sample of responses we received after advertising a job vacancy on Facebook. Without knowing anything more about any of the four candidates, we can tell from the opening message who we are most likely to put forward to the client.

That’s before we’ve even asked to see your CV.

Before we’ve even spoken to you.

First impressions play a major role in your career and personal life. It is something which creates a long lasting impression which is hard to forget.  It is a crucial part of making hiring decisions, and impressing a recruitment agency is the first hurdle to cross.

Although we pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly, you can improve your chances of securing the job by taking note of these five key things.


  1. Brush up on your written English

Soz bbz but writing like dis isn’t doing you any favours hun.

While text speak and bad grammar are acceptable over social media, it doesn’t mean you should write in that way when doing something as important as job hunting. Treat a recruitment agency as if they were the owner of the company you want to work for. If you wouldn’t write informally to the CEO of your dream company, don’t do it to us.

We totally get that spelling and grammar isn’t a strong point for everyone, but at least go easy on the text speak. We want to be able to understand you and find you the right job.



  1. Stop ghosting – answer your phone

You would be shocked by how many people apply for jobs and then don’t pick up the phone when we call them about the vacancy.

Unfortunately, there’s only so many times we are willing to chase up calls until we give up and move on to the next candidate. Not answering or returning calls doesn’t leave a great lasting impression – and is unlikely to make us feel confident you would turn up to the interview.

If there is a reason why you can’t pick up, or you get anxiety over the phone, you can always drop a quick email to explain. We’ll feel so much better when we know where we stand with you. Please don’t ghost us.

  1. Be specific

We have many jobs to source candidates for, so you need to help us to understand what it is you’re looking for. We like direct answers and communication from you to speed up the process.

Please be specific with the role you want, the salary you expect and the times you are available. Wishy-washy statements and long paragraphs of text that we need to translate for ourselves will slow down the entire recruitment process and can unconsciously put us off.



  1. Don’t let us down at the interview stage

When we find who we think is the perfect candidate, there’s nothing more frustrating than being let down at the interview stage by something silly.

Scruffy dress, lack of preparation or being late makes you come across lazy, disinterested and a little ungrateful for the opportunity. It’s unlikely that you will get the job if you make any of these faux-pas at the interview stage so make sure you know where you’re going, have researched the company and are suitably dressed.



  1. Don’t say yes if you mean no

If you have been invited to an interview and you change your mind it’s courtesy to let us know so we can tell the client.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but we have had people in the past who hedge their bets by saying yes to an interview and then fail to show up because they’ve got another offer. We need to feel you are reliable and by failing to turn up once, without so much as a phone call, it will make us unlikely to put you forward for another role.

Changing your mind is fine – but let us know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.



We have a huge variety of job vacancies waiting for the right candidate – could you be the one we’re looking for? Take a look online or give the friendly team at Ambitions a call on 614841.