Is your interview technique scaring away potential employers?

With Halloween (or Hop-tu-Naa if you’re a true Manxie) right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about scary life experiences that we’ve overcome. The vote in the Ambitions office was unanimous – the scariest thing we all have to go through is a job interview.

Job interviews can turn even the most confident of us into shivering wrecks. And sometimes it’s easy to put ourselves under so much pressure that we end up being the one to scare off the potential employer.

Here’s 8 of the most likely ways you’ll spook your interviewer and come across even scarier than Jinny-the-Witch herself.

1. Not offering any past managers as a reference

Sure, we all feel more comfortable with a mate giving us a reference, but if you don’t volunteer contact details for a previous manager, your interviewer will wonder whether you have something to hide.  If you feel nervous about listing a previous manager, for whatever reason, you’re best going to the source directly and asking if they will provide one. You’ll be able to tell from the conversation whether they will sing your praise or not.

2. Being overly salesy in your pitch

It can be difficult to strike the right balance between showing your value and giving a sales pitch. If you seem more interested in pushing your way into the job without entering into a two way dialogue to make sure that the fit is right on both sides, you are more likely to annoy your interviewer than win them over.

 3. Being overly confident

Having confidence is a great attribute, but it can often lead to arrogance if you’re not careful. Coming across with an inflated sense of worth will make any sensible interviewer question what you’ll be like to work with.

You don’t want to come across like the type of person who will dominate meetings and alienate co-workers. Nobody likes a Nora-know-all.

4. Lying (Even small ones.)

It may not seem too much of a big deal to tweak your job title, salary or responsibilities, but if you get caught out, it can be an instant deal breaker. Employers will assume that if you can’t be honest in the hiring process, you won’t show it on the job either.

The only way to avoid being caught out is to be honest about everything, the good and the bad. Employers will favour people with integrity and most likely admire your transparency.

5. Not asking any questions about the job

If you aren’t demonstrably interested in the job, the interviewer certainly won’t be interested in hiring you. One way to show your interest is by asking questions (and not about benefits/time off /social events). Interviewers want you to think critically about whether or not the role is the right fit, and that you understand what you’d be signing up for.

 6. Bad-mouthing past employers

So, your last manager was an obnoxious pig? Keep it to yourself. Nothing good will come from you slagging off your previous boss.  And with the Isle of Man being so small, you may find out that your ex-boss is related to, or friends with, the hiring manager. Awkward.

7.Indicating you’ve left more than one previous job because of the hours or workload

You should give careful consideration as to how you will communicate your reasons for leaving previous roles. If you continuously mention you left due to a high workload or long hours, you may come across like you are not a team player and who won’t help out with extra work when needed.

 8.Negative body language

If you avoid eye contact, never smile, or have a limp handshake, you’ll come across as shy, strange or simply not interested. Be conscious of open body language and whether you’re coming across as friendly or defensive.

Whether you’re interviewing for your first job, or getting back out there after a long time, make sure you don’t make any of these rookie mistakes.

If you’re worried about scaring off your interviewer, we can offer some expert guidance.  We want you to secure a new role as much as you do. Take a look at our job vacancies online or give the friendly team at Ambitions a call on 614841 to see how we can enhance your career plans.

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