Latest “erm” Jobs!!

Chief Inspiration Officer, Cat Psychologist and more: latest job vacancies at Ambitions


We have some new and exciting job opportunities available to Isle of Man residents. If you are looking for a career change, we may have the role for you.


We’ve highlighted five exciting new positions below which we’re sure will receive a great deal of interest so don’t hesitate in applying. They’re likely to get snapped up fast!


Job title: Chief Inspiration officer

Salary: Negotiable

Every business needs a leader who can inspire all its stakeholders. Could this be you? Our client is seeking the next Mr (or Mrs) Motivator. You must be confident and great with people. You will be tasked to vocally shout inspirational quotes once an hour to your team to keep up company morale. We also are promoting fitness and wellbeing within our business and as part of your role, you will be required to run fitness classes on the office floor every Friday. We want a department of winners. It is up to you to make them electrified, buzzed and ready to succeed!



Job title: Shredded Cheese Manager

Salary: Negotiable


Do you fancy yourself as a cheese connoisseur? Do you know your Gouda from your gorgonzola? This job role requires a real love of cheese. The client would prefer at least 1 years’ experience in the shredding of cheese (even if it’s just from grating lots of cheese at home) however, training will be provided for the right individual. You will be working under Manager Wallace Gromit and Assistant Manager Jack Monterey, who have over 30 years’ experience. You will be required to shred all varieties of cheese from parmesan to cheddar, paying particular importance to hygiene requirements and adhering to strict health and safety guidelines. The candidate must be a self-motivated shredder and aim to continuously get ‘feta’ at their job.



Job title: Cat Psychologist

Salary: £60k-70k


Our client is looking for someone who can ‘speak’ to Manx cats on the island. Preliminary research has suggested that having no tail impacts our Manx cats’ confidence, leading to depression. The client wants to find out whether Manx cats are bullied by full-tailed felines or show signs of day to day difficulties due to their lack of tail. Or perhaps findings will show that these cats are perfectly happy with how they are. The successful candidate will be responsible for presenting extensive evidence on the topic. You must hold a valid driver’s licence as this role requires travel.


Job title: Bread Scientist

Salary: £40k-45k


A great opportunity has arisen for someone with extensive yeast capabilities. The candidate must hold a ‘dough-gree’ in kneading bread and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the history of bread and the science behind it. You must be an early riser and be able to withstand a toasty environment. Oh crumbs, we nearly forgot to mention the amazing salary you get for this position – it is absolutely loaves! With this job, you’ll be sure to be the breadwinner in the household.


Job title: Senior Bed Tester

Salary: Negotiable


As a senior bed tester, you will test all new beds and mattresses that come into the store. You will be required to work unusual hours with the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout anything.

Your sleep will be monitored through an array of devices which will assess how well the bed has performed. You will have to endure numerous tests throughout your snooze such as things being thrown at you, cold water splashed on you, loud noises played, and lights being turned on and off. Snorers or dribblers need not apply.


April Fools! As you may have sussed the jobs advertised above aren’t real. However, we do have a wide variety of exciting job roles available. Take a look through our current job vacancies or give the friendly team at Ambitions a call on 614841. Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

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