Lock-Down Life & Ever After..

💜‘Lock-down Life and Out the Other Side’💜

“Lock down” for our team didn’t once mean “tools down”, if anything we worked harder than ever before to adapt to the rapidly changing world around us and hope we did our Clients and Candidates, both old and new proud. We placed Candidates in sectors that we had never dealt with before, inherited clients that had never used an agency before, widened our network further than ever before.💜

Since being back in the office, we have been saddened to hear from a huge number of newly registered Candidates that they didn’t hear from certain Agencies at all during lock-down, ones they were already registered with or ones they tried to register with. 💜

We appreciate that every business had their own situations to deal with, but we want to assure everyone that one of the things we tried our very best to do during lock-down, was maintain contact with all of our Candidates. We are human, so wouldn’t stake claim to have always gotten it 100% right, but we really did try our best to check in on everyone on a regular basis.💜

At times we were only advertising approximately 2-3 active vacancies, times were difficult and we wanted to be honest and transparent about this. It would never have crossed our minds to advertise vacancies that didn’t exist or were on hold; why provide false hope in such a difficult climate? 💜

Every person that contacted us during lock-down by Telephone, Email or Social Media was given time and heard by one of our Consultants. We may not always be able to secure you a role straight away, but will always do our best for everyone that places their trust in us and will always listen.💜

Prior to Covid we prided ourselves on being genuine, during Covid we prided ourselves on being genuine and as we move into the “new normal” it will continue to be what we pride ourselves on furthermore.💜

Covid will have impacted us all in some way or another; whether that’s a different outlook on where your future lies or your job itself has been affected – we are here to help. 
Call us on 614841, drop us an email to info@ambitions.co.im or reach out on Social Media and we promise we will do our very best to help you. 💜