Looking for a job? All the do’s and don’ts can be very confusing?

“Do this” , “Don’t do that”; the Internet is full of them and it can be overwhelming

Although we are successful at what we do we don’t know everything. All we can offer are some tips on how we feel you can present yourself in the best possible way

Email Address

This is often the very first impression a prospective employer has of you. Just imagine you are a hiring manager and an email pops up on your screen. That first impression you want to give is one of interest rather than amusement or worse still horror. Save the funny and risqué email addresses for your personal stuff. Never forget first impressions count!!


Google Docs

Are the complete bane of our life at the moment. You have worked hard on your CV, typed a killer covering letter and sent your CV via your google docs account. Its what everyone does isn’t it?

Now become the employer receiving the CV. To be able open it you need a Google account. Most of us have these but aren’t logged in at work. The recipient then has to log in (forgetting password again!) and download CV. So far so good……. Then they try and save or print it and find access has been restricted and they have to ask your permission to get access

At this point do they give up or carry on?

And don’t even get me started on the GDPR implications of accessing work documents with a personal email address!

Our advice is if at all possible, attach your CV as a conventional Word or Pdf attachment – not a Pages document though!! (or even pasted in the body of the email) so it is easy to open and clear to see

State the obvious

Never presume that an employer will know what tasks you undertook in your last role or the modules you studied in your degree course

The task of an administrator in one job can vary hugely from one company to another, as can the modules in the same titled Degree course from one University to another.

If the job description states you must have particular skills or experience and you have them, make sure the employer knows. Although HR is a wide-ranging role, mindreading is rarely a skill we have!!

Social Media

It has made the world a much smaller place but has also made everything we do open to the whole world. Most employers now will do a quick social media search to get a feel for you, see if you have mutual friends etc.

So this isn’t the time to set your profile picture as you in party mode, naked or doing something completely inappropriate. Again, remember first impressions!!

Before job hunting do a social media audit and either add extra security so you can limit who sees your profile or have a clean out. Remember on the Isle of Man “friends of friends” can end up covering most of the island

Application Emails

Nowadays everyone is informal and although this relaxed attitude is great, there is a time and place, and that is not in the introductory email.

“Hi, do u have any jobs” is not a great introduction. Try and find out who you need to address an email to and use their name. If not, Good Morning/ afternoon is polite and respectful. If you are enquiring about a specific role state the job title and briefly explain your reasons for applying. If it’s a speculative application say so and tell them what types of roles you are interested in


Very rarely are you offered a role without an interview except if you are already known to the employer. Because of this if you are seriously looking for work you need to make yourself available for interviews. Most employers can and will be flexible on times but if you know arranging to get out during the day may be problematic then say something in your original email about the times you will be available should you be selected for interview


This covers aunts, uncles, grandparents, and well-meaning friends. You aren’t doing your chances any good by getting someone else to make the call or emailing.

We want to hear what you are like on the telephone if we ask you to call. If it’s an email application, we want to see your composition and grammar.

Ask for help with your applications, but don’t let anyone else do it for you!!



Ambitions regularly hold CV and Interview workshops, both in groups and one to one. Contact us on 614841 or info@ambitions.co.im for more details