So you want to be a Recruitment Consultant? Do you really??

The real life of a recruiter………

No names have been given to protect the guilty!!!

1. Ensure you remember not to drink excessive amounts of alcohol prior to your meeting with us; this may result in you turning up 2 hours late for your appointment.  Also, feeling that informing us you’re drunk as a reason for your lateness will never pose well

2. Remember to eat your chocolate BEFORE you enter the building! Meeting an Ambitions Consultant should be treated as a First Stage interview, and although we want you to relax – by no means do we suggest you put your feet on the table, and proceed to eat an exceptionally crumbly chocolate bar all over our interview room desk

3. We are a no smoking building, and always suggest you extinguish your cigarette prior to entering the building – we also suggest you wait until you have left your interview before making a cigarette from loose tobacco; leaving this all over the interview room table causes concern for our Consultants

4. Here at Ambitions, we appreciate your honesty; though should you feel the need to inform us you are 1 hour late, due to your hairdryer not working – please understand, you will not receive any sympathy!

5. When an employer asks you what your biggest weakness is, providing “WOMEN” as your answer can generally be frowned upon.

6. Ambitions provides tissues within the interview room; should you feel the need to pick your nose, please use the tissues provided to dispose of the contents – the interview room table, in front of the Consultant is NOT the place to wipe it

7. When a Consultant or Employer is addressing your conduct, please be reminded that you are well within your rights to pretend you are sorry and do in fact care.

8. Please be assured that the interview will most definitely go better if you remember to show up

9. Should you wish to express your dismay, please be advised we have a structured complaints procedure – and threatening to smash our windows and computers will generally not resolve your issue and may in fact result in the presence of the Police!

10. Following an interview, although it may be frustrating having to wait the outcome – when the Employer states they will let you know in 1 week, it is not advisable to sit outside the Employers office on a daily basis in the hope “they do not forget you”; although this method is guaranteed to have the desired effect in some sense, we are aware from experience – you will not be forgotten for the WRONG reason

11. Should the dress code be listed as “smart/casual”, this generally does not mean wearing a shirt and tie on top followed by shorts and trainer boots on bottom

12. Ambitions are happy for candidates to use the facilities within their offices – however, we do request that you DO NOT leave the building with 3 rolls of company toilet paper stashed within your handbag

13. Ambitions appreciate that sometimes in life, things will be forgotten – including your trousers – please note, this will create a lasting impression, however NOT a wonderful one

14. Please remember that when you are attending a meeting, it is in fact the interviewers role to ask questions and prying about company finances/turnover/etc, Is generally frowned upon

15. During the course of a Temporary contract, the employer generally expects you to remain awake and sober

16. Archiving – When undertaking Archiving, an employer will normally have their own preference to where items need to be filed – please note that cupboards/desks/etc, are NOT permissible places

17. Only hours that have actually been physically worked are to be listed on a submitted Timesheet

18. Your CV should be based upon true life fact – when a Consultant advises you to ensure your CV matches a role profile, they do not mean you should create a brand new version of your work history and self

19. Although Ambitions and clients promote positive relations within teams; becoming intimate on the premises of your employer, with another team member will generally be seen as inappropriate